Role of a Teacher Librarian in the Digital Age: Promote Cybersecurity in Schools

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Children are vulnerable and though we cannot protect them from everything we can however help in avoiding the exploitation of our children. Librarians who are well qualified in searching out information can help in doing just that.

A Librarian's Colorful Journey.



Cybersecurity and School Libraries

Elizabeth “Betty” Marcoux

Teacher Librarian

Marcoux, E. “. (2010). Cybersecurity and school libraries. Teacher Librarian, 38(2), 67-68. Retrieved from

Abstract of the article:

The article discusses the important role given to teacher librarians in creating a curriculum inside the classroom that uses internet in order to promote learning. However, the there are some caution given in students conducting online research at their schools. One of the best practices highlighted in this article was about a California teacher in the US, who was given an award by Google for “marrying the subject of agriculture with technology in his school. He and other educators are effectively integrating various social work network tools and electronic information sources  into their work while advancing learning in their areas” (Marcoux, 2010). The internet space may sometime be a scary place for students as well as parents/guardians but effective education…

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  1. alizejohn says:

    I like the idea. Using the internet to promote learning is great, this is part of innovative learning. However their can be many drawbacks, some of which are cyber bullying and social networking outside of the curricular which can defeat the purpose if not monitored and used correctly. On the positive side though, creating a curriculum that uses internet inside the classroom can help students to see the world in a more realistic way and apply what they have learnt in the classroom to the real world.

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