Heritage Library Staff

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

I visited the Heritage Library last Friday and was delighted with the work ethic and the efficiency of the staff members. Their pleasantness, question asking and suggestions remind me of the how much a warm friendly smile and disposition can break at nervousness that any patron may have. As Information holders we would to strive hard help the patron to find what they need and try to understand their query.  Heritage Library I rate you.

  1. infobloomer says:

    That is so true, I have been there to get information also and the staff member’s readiness to assist me was really commendable. I wonder if they have suggestion boxes to rate a service there? They need to know that they are doing a good job!That observation is really worth mentioning Gilbert.

  2. julseph says:

    I don’t know but it would be a good thing for them to have. Now that is service.

  3. These staff members are truly professional in their approach! Although I do not visit often, but call them regularly for service, I am greeted with the same concern and enthusiasm, and my requests are always answered in a timely fashion….kudos to you guys and gals of the Heritage Library!

  4. This is great to know. I am yet to enter this field of work and I like that their standard of serving the patrons is a high one. So I see it as a benchmark for me to follow when I actually get a chance to work in a library.

  5. mejocourt says:

    Gilbert, I share your sentiments concerning Heritage Library Staff. I had a project to do concerning Rare Books and a staff member assigned to this Library walked me through the whole process and even allowed me to take photos for use in my assignment. I trust that they maintain their standard and love for their clientele.

  6. nicolelei says:

    Whaaaattt!!! Are you talking about the Heritage Library in Port of Spain, Trinidad? I went there looking for information on Emancipation. All they gave me was some text books and an information file. I went back there for another class that took us round to the back where the books are and I found at least five great books that would have been useful. They never even suggested them, much less offered to get them for me. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to see what was in the back I would have never even known they existed. Plus I called there for a query and the person who answered the phone didn’t know what I was talking about and never even offered to find the information, just suggested I look somewhere else. Wow, I have to try there again this month and see if it is different.

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