How long until the Library re-opens?

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

This questions arises due the the Diego Martin Public Library being closed for the past two months. Almost every patron I encounter would ask me when the library would be opening. Sadly, I don’t even know myself. The closure of the library for so long a time frustrates the patrons as it is hard for them to go out their way to seek the needed information. As the information provider to the public, the library need to solve whatever problem it is facing. The closure of the Library helped me to realize how important the library is to many persons and how the library should work hard on maintaining that view the patrons have of them.

  1. mejocourt says:

    Hey Gilbert, I would see what information I can get for you regarding the Re-opening of the Diego Martin Public Library. There is a typo in your last sentence – it reads …the library should work hard on maintaining that view the the patrons have for them. Check it out.

  2. julseph says:

    Thanks Jo-Anne.

  3. I see NALIS has said that the library is now open,,,,,,

  4. julseph says:

    I was informed it was and have visited.

  5. kendallsingh says:

    I wonder if this will work. Closing down the library for some days would make people see the importance of libraries. Anyway I dont think this is an option but god forbid if all our options and plans fails who know this might just work. hmmm

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