Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

I found the information on this wiki, to be, not just useful but also an excellent idea. The mere idea of Librarians throughout the world being able to collaborate and sharing ideas is spectacular. I am not aware of any forum that does so but the implementation of this would no doubt mean success for libraries. Seeing how technology continues to develop Librarians could discuss ways on how they can use the new technology to help all those who already use a library and to attract those who don’t. As the saying goes, no man is and island. Being knowledgeable persons, Librarians by joining forces, so to speak, can develop a library that no one can resist. The reasons for libraries are either not known by all or is just simply fading away and this is something Librarians and future Librarians need to place focus on. Two heads are better than one!


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