Children are vulnerable and though we cannot protect them from everything we can however help in avoiding the exploitation of our children. Librarians who are well qualified in searching out information can help in doing just that.

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Cybersecurity and School Libraries

Elizabeth “Betty” Marcoux

Teacher Librarian

Marcoux, E. “. (2010). Cybersecurity and school libraries. Teacher Librarian, 38(2), 67-68. Retrieved from

Abstract of the article:

The article discusses the important role given to teacher librarians in creating a curriculum inside the classroom that uses internet in order to promote learning. However, the there are some caution given in students conducting online research at their schools. One of the best practices highlighted in this article was about a California teacher in the US, who was given an award by Google for “marrying the subject of agriculture with technology in his school. He and other educators are effectively integrating various social work network tools and electronic information sources  into their work while advancing learning in their areas” (Marcoux, 2010). The internet space may sometime be a scary place for students as well as parents/guardians but effective education…

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Heritage Library Staff

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

I visited the Heritage Library last Friday and was delighted with the work ethic and the efficiency of the staff members. Their pleasantness, question asking and suggestions remind me of the how much a warm friendly smile and disposition can break at nervousness that any patron may have. As Information holders we would to strive hard help the patron to find what they need and try to understand their query.  Heritage Library I rate you.

This questions arises due the the Diego Martin Public Library being closed for the past two months. Almost every patron I encounter would ask me when the library would be opening. Sadly, I don’t even know myself. The closure of the library for so long a time frustrates the patrons as it is hard for them to go out their way to seek the needed information. As the information provider to the public, the library need to solve whatever problem it is facing. The closure of the Library helped me to realize how important the library is to many persons and how the library should work hard on maintaining that view the patrons have of them.

I found the information on this wiki, to be, not just useful but also an excellent idea. The mere idea of Librarians throughout the world being able to collaborate and sharing ideas is spectacular. I am not aware of any forum that does so but the implementation of this would no doubt mean success for libraries. Seeing how technology continues to develop Librarians could discuss ways on how they can use the new technology to help all those who already use a library and to attract those who don’t. As the saying goes, no man is and island. Being knowledgeable persons, Librarians by joining forces, so to speak, can develop a library that no one can resist. The reasons for libraries are either not known by all or is just simply fading away and this is something Librarians and future Librarians need to place focus on. Two heads are better than one!

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Jason the Librarian

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Gopaul luck is not Seepaul luck. This local saying illustrates that what works for someone may not work for someone else. For me this was the point Jason the Librarian was making. In each culture people would respond differently. Not because we live in a digital era means that by simply creating social networking accounts that persons would be filtering towards their pages.

For example, in our locale many persons use social networks to connect with friends and families. Few persons if any at all would rarely think about befriending a library on any social networking site.

When borrowing ideas from other places Librarians should keep in mind that ‘one shoes does not fit all’. They should however tweak such ideas or projects to suit the nature of the people who they serve. It may appear that persons would eagerly accept the integration of  technology in libraries but it never hurts to try.